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Apr 14, 2016 issue #012

Spring & summer new products


The cherry blossoms close to the atelier have fallen down and we have now entered the radiant season of tender green.
As it gets warmer we feel like wearing springlike clothes, but we are still experiencing some chilly days.
We have gathered items convenient for layering, which will enable to look fashionable while adjusting to temperature changes.

16SS-C01 Dill:ベーシックなシルエットの長袖Tシャツですが、袖ぐりが「ふたこぶらくだ」のコブのようなラインで個性的です。無地でもちょっとひねりの効いたTシャツが欲しい、という方にぴったり!
16SS-C02 Fennel:ビッグシルエットのロングカーディガン。コートのようなバランスでどんな服にも合わせやすく、一着持っているととても便利。
16SS-S01 Ginger:エプロンのような胸当て付きスカート。肩紐や胸当てのついたアイテムは今年のトレンド。
16SS-P01 Hyssop:カシュクールのような吊り紐がついたガウチョパンツ。大人っぽく着られるデザインです。

- 16SS-C01 Dill: Although this is a long sleeve T-shirt with a basic silhouette, the camel hump like armhole offers a unique line. It is a perfect fit for those who want a plain T-shirt with an effective twist.
- 16SS-C02 Fennel: Long cardigan with a large silhouette. It has the balance of a coat and is easy to match to any kind of clothes, it is really practical to have one.
- 16SS-S01 Ginger: This is an apronlike skirt with a plastron. Items with shoulder straps and plastron are trendy this year.
- 16SS-P01 Hyssop: Gaucho pants with straps like a wrap-over top. This design can provide an adult look.


Please refer to this page to have a look on the other recommended items for this spring. .


Nippori Fabric Town
Sen-i gai (5)

(inside the store)

As we are presenting some shops from Nippori, this time we visited the Iwase Shoten.
It is a little far from the station and people who go for the first time usually have difficulty to get there.
This is the reason why you can find there original materials that you won't find in other shops.

(Shop Appearance)

The shop is signaled by a cute signboard hanging from under the eaves.
The shop displays a compact and cozy interior where rolls of cloth are packed.
The shop mainly sells fabric by piece. For a length of over one meter, you can have it cut in units of 10 centimeters.
Denim for bottom use is especially recommended for its solidity.
Recently, it seems that dressmakers are coming from overseas to purchase large quantities.
Because of that, be able to find something good is a question of luck, but we can safely recommend to avoid the sales period, so that you can take your time to shop.

The owners are a friendly couple who seem to value the communication with their clients.
So we advise you to try strolling out of the main street of Nippori and go shopping.

岩瀬商店 Iwase Shoten
Address: 4-14-11 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa, Tokyo
Hours: Mon - Fri 10:30-18:00, Sat 10:30-17:00
Regular closing day: Sunday and National holiday
Phone: 03-3807-3196