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Jun 08, 2015 issue #009

Currently having a charity sale


We are now having an annual charity sale of June this year. We will discount 20% for all the products in your shopping cart. You can also use your points for a payment. Please do not miss this opportunity!
The sale will end at the end of June. During the sale period, we will donate a part of our sales to a charity for supporting the bereaved children of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Spring & Summer New Products


We have a selection of items you can make easily and wear comfortably, with a full lineup of trousers, cut and sewn, bags, children dresses and so on. You can check those new items of 2015SS from this page.

About increasing the price of free downloaded products


The free patterns that we currently provide are decided to be increased for its prices except certain ones from July one after another.
It is due to the increase of transferring data on our server, and it is now difficult to provide them for free. 
We have not decided when to change the prices yet. After we finish our sale of June, we will start working on it gradually. Thank you very much for your kind understanding in advance.


Nippori Fabric Town
Sen-i gai (3)

(Shop Appearance)

I would like to introduce my favorite texture shop that I often go in Nippori. The shop is called Nunohashi Sho-ten. 
The store is located off the main street of Nippori, and has full lineups of knitted fabrics. 
It shows the beautiful way of displaying by colors, and when you fell the texture, you see the high quality of fabrics in your hands. The shop owner said 'When you design with the color arrangement, it is easier for your to choose if the fabrics are displayed by colors'.

(inside the store)

As you see, there are many fabrics which are already cut off, and the length of one piece is fairy short (like a T-shirt size). Some of the products are rolled and they measure and sell those as many as you like. The already cut fabrics are with its length (in meters) and prices written on a tag. You just can take what you like to the cashier, so if you are worried about your Japanese language, it is easy to do shopping. For the rolled fabrics, you check the tag in meters, take it to the cutting board, and how the shop clerk how many meters you want to have, your will be able to have the fabrics cut.

There are many opportunities to find the leavings from clothing factories and other lucky finds. Please try to go there like a treasure hunt!

布橋商店 Nunohashi Sho-ten
Address: 4-33-6 Nippori, Arakawa, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00-17:00 
Regular closing day: Sunday and National holiday
Credit cards: Cash only
Phone: 03-3801-0354


Well now, fellow sewers. Happy sewing!

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