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Feb 02, 2015 issue #008

Holiday Sale Report

昨年末のホリデーセールにて、たくさんのご注文ありがとうございました! 次回セールは5月くらいを予定しています。

Thank you very much for all the orders during the holiday sale at the end of last year! 
We are planning a next sale around May.

New Products for Spring


Firstly, a yoga top (15SS-C01) which is useful when you do light exercises or relax at home.
It can be worn by those who have sensitive skins as seam allowances never touch skins.
Secondly, fingerless mitten gloves (15SS-G01) are with a mysterious pattern of one piece cutting, but when stitched together, they become three-dimensional. They are easy to produce and suitable for a gift.

Story behind the development of Type-D mitts

新発売の指なしミトンには「D型」という奇妙な名前がついています。このパターンは、もともとIngressというゲームのイベント「Darsana Tokyo」に参加したことがきっかけで作られました。イベントのアフターパーティーでファングッズの販売コーナーが設けられ、そこで20双のみ生産・販売したものが原型になっています。 そのため、スマートフォン操作に特化した構造になっています。

The new product, fingerless mitten gloves are named 'Type-D' mysteriously.
This pattern was originally made after I went to an event called 'Darsana Tokyo' of a game 'Ingress'. At the after party, there were a shop area for selling goods for fans and I produced and sold 20 pairs, that became the model of the product. Therefore, It is designed especially for using smart phones. There will be another big event in Kyoto in March, and I will have ideas of new products again then!


Nippori Fabric Town
Sen-i gai (2)

(In front of East Entrance of JR Nippori Station)

I could not go to interview shops in time this time, I would like to write about surroundings of Nippori Station.

Nippori Station is a junction where JR, Keisei, and Toneri liner lines are linked up with. There are ticket gates on the north and the south sides. If you are heading to the district where fabric shops are located, it is easy to go down the escalator at the east entrance. There are bus terminals, a police station, and many restaurants in front of the station. You can download a guide map on the website introducing the fabric town.

(In front of South Ticket Gate of Keisei Nippori Station)

If you go to the west side of the station, you can enjoy the traditional shopping and entertainment town. If you go through a vast cemetery, you will get to an old shopping street called Yanaka Ginza. Snacks like fried cutlet with minced meat and a fish-shaped pancake filled with red bean paste are popular and there are many cafes with wonderful atmosphere. The street is also famous for many cats. Enjoy sightseeing with a camera in your hand!

(Yanaka Ginza)


Well now, fellow sewers. Happy sewing!

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