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Nov 28, 2014 issue #007

Holiday sale has just started!


The holday sale is held from November 27- December 27 (Japan Tim).
A purchase with 3 items will be entitled for 20% discount.
It's a chance to buy and try items you have been hesitant to buy!
Don't miss it!
* Due to the cart specification, the free pattern purchased with the paid pattern at the same time cannot be downloaded.
Please be sure to order those paid patterns and free patterns separately.

Newly released pattern


- Tucked skirt "Snowdrop"
An easy-to-wear skirt with a rubber band in the rear part of the waist has a straight hemline, which is be appropriate for stripes and scallop fabric.
It comes with lining.
- Pullover Blouse "Tulip"
A box silhouette blouse with charming hemline and pocket details.
It is loose and comfortable, perfect for one's daily wear.
The both takes a simple specification and recommended to a beginner. Please try and express yourself by arranging the length and materials.


Nippori Fabric Town
Sen-i gai (1)

If we were to name the most famous fabric wholeseller, it is Nippori.
Nippori is located at the downtown area, which has a good access to the international airport or local trains.
Nowadays we started seeing more foreign tourists there.
From a major street to a small alley, the streets are filled with the varying size of the fabric wholesalers, where some of the fans even travel from far the country side.
Most shops do not only wholesales but also retail sales, so we can feel free to enter the store and buy the fabric.
Cutting the required amount out of the piece goods, or pre-cutting the pieces and sold one by one, etc., the fabrics are sold in various ways.
Not only fabrics, but buttons, zipper, and the like, which are required for making a clothes can be prepared in this town.
Some stores manage to obtain the left-over fabrics from an apparel factory, and it is fun like treasure hunting.
This is my best favourite town where I visit often for purchasing the fabrics for sample garments.
From next time, hopefully, I would like to start introducing my favourite shops with good clothing fabric.
Feel free to send us your thoughts if you have any requests like "I wanna know this!"

Business hours during the holiday season


We will be closed between December 28 till January 4.
Please be aware that the payment confirmation/ inquiries will be addressed after Jan 5. Our online shop will remain open as the normal day, so you may continue to purchase during the holiday break via PayPal and credit card payment.

Well now, fellow sewers. Happy sewing!

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